About Us

The development team is hard at work preparing the area's hottest new neighborhood. Our premier community will boost large lots and an uniform design based on the integrity of traditional neighborhood designs.


A place carefully designed to help you reconnect

Our talented design team has set out with a mission to deliver lots that respond to the natural environment while leaving flexible opportunities for you to design your dream home.


builders designing homes just for you

Our  Builders are already working on designing homes. Their experienced notoriety is hard at work designing memorable and trendsetting homes for Auburn Ridge.

Elevation Home Builders

Co-owned by Amy Pretorius and Nathan Knause, Elevation Home Builders is creating trendy homes.

Gary Frakes Construction

Gary Frakes has decades of experience and has built a reputation with his homes' premier character.

Our Team

A supportive team always willing to help you

Contact our sales teams for early reservations, questions and the latest updates.

Adam Pretorius

Realtor LKR

Sales representative for Auburn Ridge subdivision.

Rich Hatch

Realtor LKR

Sales representative for Auburn Ridge subdivision.