About Us

Our development and design teams are hard at work preparing the area's hottest new neighborhood. Our premier community will boast large lots and a uniform design, based on the integrity of traditional neighborhood designs.

We have set out with a mission to deliver luxury homes that respond to the natural environment, while leaving flexible opportunities for you to design your dream home. Auburn Ridge is a neighborhood carefully designed to help you reconnect.

Our Builders

Our builder team has decades of experience and has built an award-winning reputation for their custom homes.

Elevation Homebuilders strives to deliver a relaxed and refined construction experience, providing clients top-level service in home construction in the Iowa City area. With an emphasis beginning on design and continuing through their premier, state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship, they create well-designed, highly-functional homes. An accomplished customer experience is achieved through our experienced vendors, in-house staff, and transparent communication with clients.

Gary Frakes Construction is an Iowa City based custom home building firm with over twenty years of experience. Collaborating with a wide range of clients, they manage the building process from start to finish - from site planning, project management, and on site decisions to accounting and monthly project budgeting. Focused on building character through attention to detail and craftsmanship, Frakes Construction is ready to build your dream home in Auburn Ridge.