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Lepic-Kroeger, REALTORS, Adam Pretorius, Rich Hatch and their agents and assigns are in the business of buying and selling real estate and Viewing Party to this website ("Viewing Party") is interested in attempting to buy or sell real estate with the assistance of Adam Pretorius. Adam Pretorius and Viewing Party desire to enter into confidential communications with respect to the buying, selling, and or development of real estate (the “Business Purpose”).  In order to pursue the mutual Business Purpose, Adam Pretorius and Viewing Party recognize that there is a need for Adam Pretorius to disclose to Viewing Party certain of its Confidential Information to be used only for the Business Purpose and a need for Viewing Party to protect Rich Hatch and Adam Pretorius' Confidential Information from unauthorized use and disclosure.  Viewing Party agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information obtained from Adam Pretorius, its agents or assigns to any third party whatsoever.  By continuing to view additional pages on this website, Viewing Party agrees to the terms, conditions and limitations contained herein. "Confidential Information” shall mean information relating to the real estate market of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and other surrounding areas within 15 miles of the aforementioned cities, as well as business affairs of Rich Hatch and Adam Pretorius of a proprietary or confidential nature, whether communicated orally or in writing, including by way of illustration and not limitation, (i) information concerning research and/or development activities, (ii) client lists, designs, drawings and formulae, (iii) cost, profit and market information, (iv) financial and other business information with respect to Rich Hatch and Adam Pretorius that Rich Hatch and Adam Pretorius has not made publicly available, (v) customer business information, and (vi) any information disclosed to Adam Pretorius by any third party which Rich Hatch and Adam Pretorius has agreed, or is otherwise obligated, to treat as confidential or proprietary.